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A Mother’s Gift 🎁


Up in the middle of the night listening to a 17 year old Larry King Interview. Like the consummate professional King is knowledgeable, inquisitive and inventive with his questions. One on one interviews are intimate portraits that have the ability to leave an indelible impression.

When women give birth to children, they are giving life to limitless potential. What do you want to be remembered for? If you had a forty minute sit down interview at the end of your life, would it be life changing or a snooze fest? No mother goes through 27 hrs and 44 minutes of Pitocin induced labor and an emergency C-section to watch their kid struggle through life.

Don’t let your failures define you. Learn from them and turn your defeats into successes. There would be no Richard Pryor if he quit the first time he was booed off stage. You have the ability to create everything you want to accomplish. There will be roadblocks and hurdles. But, anything worth having is worth fighting for. You fought through blood and guts to enter the world. Be prepared, be polished and if there is a door blocking your path, kick that bitch in and shine!


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