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First off Rest In Peace to the Rolling 60 who rode it til the wheels fell off. We, like many others, only knew Nipsey Hussle (Ermias Davidson Asghedom) through music and interviews. We would hear his name dropped in multiple interviews long before we could put a face to the name. An interview on Tidal with Nipsey peaked our interest as he spoke about entrepreneurship, the rap game, and some tough lessons he learned early on in the industry. In 2018 we watched the blood, sweat and tears of over 13 years, in a game where people deal from the bottom of the deck, culminate into a burgeoning glow-up. We watched a well executed press run for his debut studio album (Victory Lap), he became a brand ambassador for Jay-Z’s Paper Planes brand, and received critical acclaim for his artistry. We watched the ribbon cutting of the Marathon Clothing store opening in Hyde Park and saw all the phenomenal pictures with partner Lauren London for the GQ article. It all came to an abrupt stop yesterday with a kill shot to the head and somehow it feels ten times worse than PAC or Biggie because his trajectory was vertical and he was just getting started.

Yesterday our IG feed was in shambles with a massive outpouring of pain, shock, anger, and tears. We watched instastories, read comments and captions. There was one comment by a Sacramento Activist that said some people believe Nipsey was killed by the neighborhood, others believe it was an assassination tied to an upcoming documentary on Dr. Sebi. No matter what theory we decide to believe “What are we gonna do about it?”

If we’ve learned anything about The Black Panthers, we’ve learned that one truth does not necessarily disprove the other. The downfall of The Black Panthers included black informants and Black FBI agents. Translation, all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.

Being a contributing member of black society means keeping that third eye open at all times and teaching your kids a better way. Alfredo Darrington Bowman (Dr. Sebi), was a natural healer born in Honduras from Haitian descent, he was brought up on charges in New York for advertising he had cured patients from numerous diseases including AIDS, Sickle-Cell Anemia, and Diabetes. The judge in the case asked him to bring one cured patient to court, Bowman brought 70 patients forth and beat the case. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, of TLC ( the highest selling girl group of all time prior to Destiny’s Child), died suddenly in a rollover crash while visiting Bowman in Honduras. Years later Bowman would die of pneumonia while in federal police custody in Honduras after serving two months with no bail set. It is public knowledge that Nipsey Hussle was set to release a documentary on The trial of Dr. Sebi.

Whether or not the documentary is released the trial is a matter of public record. Let’s pull back the cover and see what’s underneath. Let’s change our diets by incorporating more leafy greens and non starchy vegetables and significantly reduce our meat intake. Go green for a day and watch your energy level spike. One last thing let’s push for legislation that separates the FDA. If foods we consume are causing disease that administration is a conflict of interest. To piss Big Pharma off is one thing, young Nip was about to shake up a system responsible for more body bags than police.

Footnote: Nipsey Hussle was killed March 31st. The date holds significance as the birth date of Caesar Chavez and the death date of actor Brandon Lee ( Bruce Lee’s Son).

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