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Who samples Phil Collins, Uncle Luke and E Badu, then sprinkles Cole, Gza and conjured a Queen for you? It’s Snow Hill’s own, she’s Tommy Boy Fly with golden ice lyrics and her ear to the sky! Rapsody enters the ring with her highly anticipated new album Eve. Each track bears the name of a black woman who broke down barriers. From Nina to Myrlie to Sojourner, Rap takes us on a journey of Black Womanhood not seen since Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

Unforgettable lines –


I am Nina and Roberta, the one you love but ain’t heard of

Got my middle finger up like Pac after attempted murder


Black widow, young kiddo

Tear stained pillow, ‘nother black man died

Wade in the water, I don’t mean baptized

Dark ass times, can’t bat no eye


All my blood royal and that’s word to Lancelot*

From the soil to the sun, you stunned, it ain’t no shock

Another black reign, can’t no water nourish the crop

That’s why we flourish on top

Eve is the masterfully produced follow up to “Laila’s Wisdom”. The new project showcases fresh new voices as well as rap royalty. Leikeli47 sounds like a cross between Lisa “Lefteye” Lopes from TLC and Q-Tip from ATCQ**. J.I.D. recorded his verse using an ironing board to insulate sound and capture his vocals while on the road touring. Reyna Biddy serves as a modern day griot narrating the album using spoken word. Black Royalty reigns supreme as Queen Latifah spits a verse reminding us she is the rose that grew from Newark.

Eve is the perfect blend of soul, substance, and skill. With prominent instrumentation, crystal clear vocals, dynamic storytelling and a couple of well placed shots, Eve is hard as a rock. A true contender for Album Of The Year!

*Lancelot Owens Jr., brother of Dana Owens (Queen Latifah), killed in a motorcycle accident 1992.

**A Tribe Called Quest

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