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8,760 Hours – One Year of Rag Paper Media

8760 hours flew by in the course of a year. There were a lot of late nights, struggle mornings, and more shots of espresso than we’d like to admit. We reviewed movies, tv shows, albums, and an iconic standup comedian that killed at The Fillmore. There were stories of devastating loss, The 50th Anniversary of The ’67 Detroit Riots and a protester named Kaepernick. We’re just beginning to take flight. Fly with us to Wakanda and beyond where vibranium feeds the soul and Walk Like a Wakandan is our theme song.

2018 promises to be a beast of a year  so stay tuned. Students are expected to walk out of class all around the U. S. to protest gun violence and mass shootings in March. This year marks mid term elections and the majority of the seats in Congress are up for grabs. Janet Jackson Appreciation Day will be reloaded at Essence Fest in NOLA. Beyonce is expected to blow all minds at Coachella as The Beyhive eagerly awaits. Will Congress pass a bill to ban assault weapons? Will the people rise up against the establishment in November? Will Beyonce drop an album this year?  And will I have to be up at 3am to watch her break the internet again? Will Black Panther hit 1 billion dollars worldwide at the box office? To stay in the know scroll to the bottom of ragpapermedia.com and subscribe!

Thanks for rocking with us over the past year. Extroardinary things sometimes come from very difficult times. At ragpapermedia POC’s are not simply tolerated, we are celebrated. If you find interesting stories, noteworthy performances, or have work that you’d like us to review, dm or tag us. We are ragpapermedia on instagram, facebook, twitter and snapchat. We’re tougher than titanium, solidified vibranium in your cranium!

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